Stage 1

I have been progressively refining a drawing algorithm, and this article provides a brief overview of the first stage, along with selected images that were generated by GPT.

As a recap, I started generating SVG images using GPT-3.5, which you can check out in this post. These images were rather rudimentary, yet GPT managed to capture ideas I was trying to illustrate.

The next steps were pretty simple. It is well-known that GPT can perform better if instructed to think in steps. That is what I did--I created a basic guideline for GPT what it means to draw an illustration such as break down an object into visual components, create a composition, and then convert everything into SVG elements.

On average, approximately 20% of the generated images I consider successful. These images might be recognizable or visually appealing. Certainly, that was a subjective process, but so is art. The bar was pretty low.

I am publishing a gallery of 223 SVG illustrations generated during this stage.

It is unfortunate that I didn't save original prompts and generated descriptions, so leaving this as a historical artifact. I have been running experiments in fish shell using rsvg-convert to render images directly in the terminal.

Key findings:

As of writing this article, the app runs on the next stage algorithm that I will cover in the next post. It produces illustrations roughly of the same quality, but is also several times faster.